AUCD Promotes Disability Employment during Developmental Disability and Autism Awareness Months


March 8, 2017

Meaningful employment is one of the defining factors of a person's place in their community. When people work at a job and in a setting that they enjoy, they feel a sense of belonging, know that they're contributing to a team, receive a steady income, and make friends. Unfortunately, policies and low expectations persist, and too many people with disabilities and their vast skillsets are not a part of today's workforce.

AUCD wants to change this. We believe in a community in which everyone is included. In recognition of March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and April as Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, we will be hosting several activities. Our goal is to increase the awareness of employers, family members, and people with disabilities that meaningful employment can and should be an attainable goal for all people with disabilities. You are invited to join us for twitter chats, a webinar, social media sharing, and even a gala to hear firsthand from individuals and employers who are changing perceptions and challenging the status quo to say, "people with disabilities can work."

Together, these activities will showcase the need for more aggressive efforts to increase disability employment across the nation, and celebrate those people and companies who understand the value of a diverse workforce and make disability employment a priority at their workplace. 


Twitter Chat Series:

Tuesday, March 14th at 2 pm ET 

Topic: Disability Employment Statistics
Host: @disabilitystats  


Featuring Andrew
Houtenville, Research Director at the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability. 

Twitter Chat Series:

March 30th at 2 pm ET 

Topic: Disability Entrepreneurship
Host: @cycleberry


Kate Caldwell, PhD
CEED Project,University of Illinois at Chicago


Twitter Chat Series:

Tuesday, April 18th at 2 pm ET 

Topic: Austism in Academia
Host: @TimGordonJr

Featuring Timotheus Gordon, Jr., Research Assistant at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Twitter Chat Series: #Jobs4ALL
April, 24th at 2 pm ET 

Topic: Autism and Industry
Host: @VRFerose 

Featuring V. R. Ferose, Senior Vice President of Globalization Services at SAP.




About Twitter Chats

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    AUCD for ALL 
    Celebrating Leadership in Employment

    Wednesday, March 22nd at 6pm ET 
    Carnegie Library, Washington, DC


    Join us to show your support for the rights of all people with disabilities to work for competitive wages and the opportunity to advance in a meaningful career. Ticket and sponsor prices are available at all levels, including a free ticket option for people with disabilities and students.