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AUCD advocates for a number of legislative issues that are critical to individuals with disabilities and their families. Legislative priority issues are developed bi-annually by the AUCD Legislative Affairs Committee and Board of Directors. Priority issues are based on the Association's vision and mission as well as input from the entire Network, including individuals with disabilities and their families.

Health Reform Hub

Please visit AUCD’s Health Reform Hub, an online gateway designed to provide technical assistance and information about implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).



New in Policy



Don't Undo the Nation's Education Progress


Opinion piece by Thomas J. Donohue president and chief executive of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Wade Henderson the president and chief executive of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.



Re authorization of ESEA

Bipartisan Bill from Chairman Alexander and Ranking Member Murray


Disability Policy News In Brief

AUCD, Disability Policy News In Brief, every Monday

A bipartisan proposal to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is expected this week, with a mark up the week of April 13.



Disability Policy News In Brief

AUCD, Disability Policy News In Brief, every Monday

Congress passes Budget Resolutions before heading to recess; Medicare "doc fix" bill will have to wait; education bills aimed at shaping ESEA introduced; more info on policy seminar



Press Release: "Tuesdays with Liz" featuring Taryn Williams, Associate Director of White House Office of Public Engagement

Liz interviews Taryn Williams, Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement. Taryn Williams serves as the White House's liaison to the disability community. The interview covers a variety of topics including the Curb Cuts to the Middle Class initiative, access to post-secondary education, and the upcoming anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

pdf File Press Release Tuesdays with Liz T Williams FINAL.pdf [download]


CCD Urges Congress to Reject the House Budget

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), a national coalition of more than 100 organizations representing the needs of people with disabilities, opposes the budget resolution proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) because it calls for deep cuts to Medicaid, deep spending cuts for non-defense discretionary programs that support the health and well-being of people with disabilities, and would lead to tens of millions of Americans losing their health insurance or becoming underinsured.



Disability Policy News In Brief

AUCD, Disability Policy News In Brief, every Monday

Congress is busy debating the overall budget proposals that were released last week and a bill related to physician payments to Medicare.




CCD Letter to President Obama on Wellness Programs

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities send this letter to President Obama regarding Affordable Care Act wellness programs and protections for workers with disabilities under the ADA.

pdf File CCD wellness letter.pdf [download]

Recruiting, Hiring, Retaining, and Promoting People with Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Employers

A product of the Curb Cuts to the Middle Class Initiative

This resource was released at a White House Summit on Disability Employment. It is a product of the cross-agency Curb Cuts to the Middle Class Initiative.


FY15 Final Appropriations Chart

Summary of funding for disability programs in the final fiscal year 2015 omnibus appropriations bill.

pdf File FY15 Omnibus Funding Chart.pdf [download]

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AUCD Legislative Priorities



AUCD Legislative Priorities: 113th Congress

Federal Funding and Fiscal Policy; Medicaid and Long Term Services and Supports; Health Care Reform; Combating Autism Act; Developmental Disabilities Act; Family Support; Research and Data Collection; Education; Employment; Rights; Transportation; Social Security; Tax Policy. AUCD calls upon Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to address the pressing needs of our citizens with disabilities. Gridlock has serious consequences for these individuals.


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Senate Accessibility Manual

In recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Senator Mike Enzi (WY) published an updated version of his Accessibility Manual - a comprehensive guide to providing Senate offices and constituents with valuable information on accessibility throughout the US Capitol Complex.

This manual includes a variety of ideas and suggestions to help address the needs of staff, constituents, and visitors with accessibility needs, including: basic rules of etiquette; locations of accessible routes and entrances; accessible room design; and emergency evacuation procedures.

Please feel free to use this manual as you develop policies and procedures for accommodating individuals with accessibility needs, whether they are visiting our nation's capital or working in a Congressional office.

PDF here.

DOC here.